Consultation for Glasgow's Integrated Children’s Services Plan

The survey can be accessed by clicking on the following web link:
Every three years Glasgow has to produce an Integrated Children’s Services Plan. Glasgow’s Integrated Children’s Services Plan 2017-20 is now coming to an end and the Health and Social Care Partnership have to work together to deliver Glasgow’s Children’s Services Plan 2020-23. 

The last plan included this vision:

“We want every child and young person to achieve their full potential and contribute positively to their communities, throughout their lives.” 

By working together Glasgow has made some real progress towards this vision. But we want to improve our support for Glasgow’s children, and the best way to decide how to do this is to take your views into account. We would like to know what Glasgow’s children, young people and families think are the most important things to children in Glasgow, and what are the best ways to support them. You can tell us your opinions on the last plan and what you think would make the next plan work even better by completing the survey, below. 

Our survey is open to any child, young person, family member, professional or anyone who is interested in Glasgow’s Children’s Services. The survey can be accessed by clicking on the following web link:

It should take around 10-15 minutes to complete.

The closing date for the consultation is Friday 31 January 2020.