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Flourishing Communities,
Healthier Lives

Strategic Plan 2023 – 26

This webpage includes a range of information on the review and development of Glasgow City Integration Joint Board’s (IJB) Strategic Plan for Health and Social Care so that you:

You can also submit any queries or comments that you may have about the Strategic Plan.

The above sections can be selected to take you directly to them.

Background to Health and Social Care in Glasgow and the Strategic Plan

The way that health and social care services are locally planned and delivered across Scotland legally changed in February 2016 as part of Health and Social Care Integration. Local Authorities (Councils) and Health Boards are required to work closely together to plan and deliver integrated health and social care services for adults (including older people), and Glasgow City Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have also integrated other services such as children’s, homelessness and community justice.

The Council and Health Board are planning and delivering services in Glasgow as the ‘Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership’ (HSCP) with partners in the third and independent sectors. The work of our HSCP and its services are directed by our Integration Joint Board (IJB), which is separate from the Council and Health Board.

One of the things that our IJB is required to do is to produce a Strategic Plan for the health and social care services that it has responsibility for. The Strategic Plan includes the vision and priorities for health and social care in Glasgow, and it describes how they will be delivered by our HSCP with partners. The Strategic Plan must be reviewed every three years, and a decision is taken whether to replace the existing one or extend it.

Our IJB’s current Strategic Plan was initially agreed to cover the 2019 – 22 period, but due to a number of factors that have recently impacted the health and social care sector, the IJB decided at its May 2021 meeting to extend it for a further year but begin work over an extended period to review it and develop a new one for the 2023 – 26 period.

Reports and Updates

Our IJB and HSCP are committed to providing regular updates on the Strategic Plan so that people, communities, groups/networks and partner organisations are kept informed of its progress. Progress is regularly reported to our IJB and its Public Engagement Committee, and updates are also featured in our HSCP’s Partnership Matters Briefing. Here you will find links to reports and briefings to read more about the Strategic Plan and keep you up to date.

Glasgow City IJB and IJB Public Engagement Committee Reports

Partnership Matters Briefings

Consultation and Engagement

Our IJB and HSCP are also committed to actively engaging with, listening to and taking account of the views of people, communities, groups/networks and organisations on how health and social care services are planned and delivered in Glasgow. We are working closely with partners in the third and independent sectors to shape how we and partners will engage on the Strategic Plan, and there will be a number of opportunities for consultation and engagement. Here you will find links to consultation and engagement opportunities and materials when they are available.

Get Involved

If you have any queries or comments about the review and development of the Strategic Plan, or if you or your organisation would like to get involved, then complete the below form or email them directly to

Your Question / Comment about our Strategic Plan or getting involved in the review

Your Question / Comment about our Strategic Plan or getting involved in the review. Do you:

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