Glasgow's Thriving Places Programme Shortlisted for International Award

Published: | Health Improvement

Glasgow has been shortlisted for an award in a top international competition.

The Wellbeing Cities Award, organised by NewCities in partnership with Novo Nordisk, the City of Montréal, the Toyota Mobility Foundation, and Transdev, recognises cities across the world which are placing their residents' wellbeing at the heart of urban policy and planning - and Glasgow is one of them.

The city has been shortlisted in the Prioritising Wellbeing category for its Thriving Places programme - an intensive neighbourhood approach that targets specific areas of the city to make better use of existing assets and resources and establish more effective partnership working with local agencies within the area.

Each Thriving Place has a 10-year plan outlining the needs and circumstances of the area and sets outs achievable goals identified by the local people, local organisations and local services.

The programme is locally led and aims to strengthen community engagement.

Each Thriving Place neighbourhood funds a Community Connector to bring local community groups, services and organisations together to address local priorities. Community Connectors are employed by an organisation that already works within the local area and has good links with local people.

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