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Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) is committed to communicating with the people who it works with and supports so that they are kept up to date on work that is happening across the Partnership. Our Communications Strategy outlines how we are doing this.

On this webpage, you will find some of the current news stories and events happening within the HSCP, which may also feature on Twitter or Facebook. We also regularly publish our own briefing, Partnership Matters, as well as bulletins and newsletters on specific services or topics.

If you would like any news items or events to be featured on this webpage or in the HSCP’s Partnership Matters briefing, then please email

Supporting GP practices with their acute prescribing

Published: May 16 2024 | Primary Care

An acute prescription is medication given to treat a sudden and short-term condition, also known as an acute condition, such as antibiotics to treat an infection. They’re also used when starting a new medication if there needs to be a review before you start taking it long term.

Parkhead Hub - April 2024 Update

Published: April 19 2024 | Health and Care Centres

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership’s (HSCP) Parkhead Hub Health and Care Centre construction will be completed in August. The new Hub will integrate health, social care and community facilities, including a cafe and Parkhead Library. 

Growing Together: Glasgow's Integrated Children’s Services Plan 2023 to 2026

Published: April 19 2024

Our new Glasgow City Integrated Children and Young People’s Services Plan 2023 to 2026 is now available on our website.

The HSCP’s Partnership Matters briefing highlights some of the work that’s happening across the HSCP with partners. It currently includes updates and announcements, the HSCP’s COVID-19 briefing, news items and upcoming meetings / events. From time-to-time, the HSCP also publishes bulletins and newsletters on specific services or topics. If you have any suggestions for future topics in Partnership Matters, then please email

Public Protection Bulletin - 8 May 2024

Public Protection Bulletin dated 8 May 2024 in relation to safeguarding adults and children.

Partnership Matters Briefing - March/April 2024

In her last issue of Partnership Matters as our HSCP’s Chief Officer, Susanne Millar reflects in a video message about her time in Social Work and then the HSCP before she takes up her new role of Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council. Also featured this month, our Staff Awards for Excellence 2024 took place which recognise and celebrate individual staff, teams and projects who have ‘gone the extra mile’. Our residential Care Homes have launched “Meaningful Connections” which aims to create positive connections for the residents with family, friends, staff and their local community. We also have a Maximising Independence update, where are we now? The new Glasgow City Integrated Children and Young People’s Services Plan 2023 to 2026 is now available and you can read all about the plan and how it sets out the strategic direction for the planning and delivery of services for children, young people and families in Glasgow City. Finally, we have an update on the new Parkhead Hub which will be completed in August of this year. As always, there are many other interesting news articles including key dates of key meetings and events for the year ahead. 

Primary Care Improvement Plan (PCIP) Bulletin - April 2024

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