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Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership must ensure that the people who use community health and social care services get the right care and support whatever their needs, at the right time and in the right setting at any point in their care journey.

To do this the Partnership engages with the people who are supported by its services or may have an interest in them to inform how they can be improved.

We want to make sure health and social care services reflect the priorities and meet the needs of local communities. Involving patients, service users and carers in shaping services also ensures that the Partnership makes the best use of public resources.

The Partnership is committed to engaging with a wide range of patients, service users, carers and their representatives, community groups and partner and external organisations in the planning and development of services. On this webpage you will find more information and further links to other webpages about how the Partnership is doing this and how you can get involved.

Participation and Engagement Strategy and Action Plan

The Glasgow City Integration Joint Board is required to produce a Participation and Engagement Strategy. It sets out the principles and approach that the Partnership will take to engage with individuals, groups and communities in how it plans and develops services.

Both the Strategy and its action plan are available, and you can read more background information on them.

IJB Public Engagement Committee

The IJB Public Engagement Committee enables Glasgow’s citizens and local third and independent sector organisations to have a direct route of engagement and role in the policy development process in relation to integrated community health and social care services. As part of its role, the Committee approves and keeps under review the Integration Joint Board’s Participation and Engagement Strategy.

More information on the IJB Public Engagement Committee and its meeting papers are available.

Consultations and Engagement

Periodically the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership and Glasgow City Integration Joint Board has formal consultation and engagement opportunities for people and organisations to share their views on specific proposals being developed for health and social care in Glasgow City.

More information on some current and past consultations and engagement is available.

Locality Plans

Each of the Partnership’s localities (North East, North West and South) have a Locality Plan that show how the Integration Joint Board’s Strategic Plan is being implemented locally, and how the localities plan to respond to local priorities, needs and issues for community health and social care. 

The three Locality Plans are available, and you can read more background information on them.

Locality Engagement Forums

A Locality Engagement Forum is active within each of the Partnership’s localities (North East, North West and South).

The roles of the Locality Engagement Forums are:

  • linking to the governance, decision making and planning structures of the locality and Partnership
  • receive and disseminate information about local and citywide services
  • gather feedback, opinions and views of patients, service users and carers
  • network and share good practice
  • generate ideas and identify projects that individuals and community groups in the locality can develop or progress to support the health and social care needs of the locality
  • contribute to raising public awareness of the role and work of the Integration Joint Board and the Partnership
  • be consulted on Locality Plans and provide feedback on their delivery and
  • increase and broaden representation on related groups and structures within the community, particularly from more vulnerable or historically less well-represented groups.

The Locality Engagement Forums include service users, patients and carers, and they link with local established forums, groups and networks. So that each Locality Engagement Forum has a diverse membership, efforts are made to ensure that people with protected characteristics (for example, gender, ethnicity or disability) are able to participate effectively and with support as appropriate.

Locality Engagement Forum Contacts

If you would like more information on the Partnership’s Locality Plans and Locality Engagement Forums, then please contact:

North East Locality

North West Locality

South Locality