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Growing Together: Glasgow's Integrated Children’s Services Plan 2023 to 2026


Our new Glasgow City Integrated Children and Young People’s Services Plan 2023 to 2026 is now available on our website.

The plan outlines the key areas of focus for children’s services over the next three years and sets out the strategic direction for the planning and delivery of services for children, young people and families in Glasgow City. It includes six key priorities:

•    Children and young people are safe, protected and valued in their communities and neighbourhoods 
•    Children and young people’s health and wellbeing is promoted and improved 
•    Children, young people and their families receive flexible support to address the impact of poverty and the Cost of Living crisis
•    Children and young people are well supported in their families and communities 
•    Children and young people are supported to achieve their full potential through excellent and inclusive education, employment and life opportunities
•    Children and young people are involved and included, and their views are influential in the development and delivery of services

To shape the plan, many engagement sessions were held with children and young people to ensure that the priorities reflect the hopes and aspirations of children and young people living in the city.

By adopting a creative engagement approach, this allowed children and young people to express themselves in ways that they feel most comfortable. This involved asking children and young people to reflect on the previous set of priorities and how these could be strengthened, and getting feedback on important areas in their life. Lots of examples of children and young people’s creativity are included throughout the plan to demonstrate the creative engagement process, and it’s a reflection of the level of engagement and outstanding quality of works produced.

A series of videos have been developed with children and young people across the city, each focusing on a different priority, serving as a tool to disseminate the plan's key messages effectively.

At its core, the plan aims to embody a partnership approach in addressing current challenges faced by families, particularly in the context of the pandemic’s long-term impact, especially on mental health and wellbeing, and the ongoing Cost of Living crisis.

Assistant Chief Officer for Children's Services, Mike Burns said: “This plan represents a further and significant step forward and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of children, young people and families in Glasgow City. By truly listening and acting on their voices and aspirations, we’re building a foundation for inclusive, impactful services that truly meet their needs.”

You can read the full Glasgow City Integrated Children and Young People’s Services Plan 2023 to 2026 on our website. 

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