Care Services Previously Provided by Cordia Honoured with Care Inspectorate Award

Published: | Social Care

Care Services previously provided by Cordia but now part of Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership have been honoured with a Team and Culture award at the 2018 Care Inspectorate conference.  The award is for work encouraging its service users to increase their daily physical activity levels.

Care Services support over 6,000 elderly people across Glasgow to live independently in the community through its Reablement Service, and for the last 18 months has been participating in the Care Inspectorate’s Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) programme.

Ten of its Reablement Teams were chosen to participate in the scheme, with staff working closely with a specialist advisor and attending regular learning events to find creative ways to increase the everyday exercise tasks built into the reablement goals set for service users.

CAPA is based on research funded by the British Heart Foundation and aims to prove the link between regular exercise and good mental and physical health for those receiving care.

Frances McMeeking, Head of Care Services said, “Our staff have achieved fantastic results by working with service users to implement simple changes to their daily routines.

“Often, these changes are as simple as encouraging patients to walk to their front door to let in carers rather than waiting for them to use their key, but the lasting benefits to service users’ physical and mental health has been amazing to see.

“We’ve also found that working to the CAPA programme has enabled us to keep more service users living independently, rather than being admitted to residential care.  We are honoured to receive this award for our part in the programme, and we look forward to continuing this important work.”