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Film Clip shows the Benefit of One Good Adult

Published: | Mental Health, Young People

Having a supportive and trusted adult is key to how well a child and/or young person is connected, self-confident, future looking and can cope with problems.  The One Good adult concept is a key element of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde child and youth mental health improvement and early intervention framework.

Michelle Guthrie, Health Improvement Senior said: “The absence of a supportive and trusted adult is linked to higher levels of distress, anti-social behaviour and an increased risk for suicidal behaviour.  This supportive and trusted adult can be a parent, grandparent, youth worker, sports coach, teacher, janitor or someone who is available to them in times of need.” 

To promote the role of the one good adult in protecting the mental wellbeing of children and young people, Partnership Health Improvement staff have developed a resource in the form of a film clip made in partnership with SWAMP Creative Media Centre and young people from across the city.  This film shares the benefits of having a supportive and trusted adult and encourages young people to think about who their one good adult might be. 

For more information on the one good adult resource please contact Michelle Guthrie

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