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Health and Social Care Connect Launches Today


We’re making it easier for you to contact us!

We believe stronger communities make healthier lives, and that with access to health and social care support when they need it, people can flourish, their health and wellbeing can improve and they can become more resilient. We’re working toward achieving this by transforming health and social care services in our city. 

One of the transformations that we’re making is for it to be easier for people to contact us when they need help or support, and today, 1 November, we’ve launched Health and Social Care Connect. This will be one route for yourself and agencies to access the following:

  • improved ways to contact us and request a service
  • improved access to advice, information and signposting to other supports and
  • improved ways to be assessed for the right supports and service.

You can contact Health and Social Care Connect:

We’re also working towards having web chat and text as a method of contacting us. You can also find more information on Health and Social Care Connect at including a link to check if you are eligible for a social care service from us.  

The staff working at Health and Social Care Connect are highly skilled, and when you phone us, they’ll ask you some questions using an ‘asset-based approach’. This means they see you as being an asset in your own life. These questions let us know what matters to you and helps us identify the support and advice you need to help you live as independent a life as you can. After our conversation with you, you may or may not need input from social work and health. We may recommend other people, places or services who can support and assist you with your needs better. An example of the help and support you may need includes linking you to supports in your community, healthcare, equipment, help in your home or residential care, support for carers and support for children and families.

This is the first phase of Health and Social Care Connect and includes the following social work services:

  • children and families
  • homelessness and 
  • adults and older people. 

We’re working with our colleagues across the HSCP on phase two, which will see Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services being accessed via Health and Social Care Connect. We’ll also identify which community health services can be included.

We’ll keep you updated on the next phase of Health and Social Care Connect.

To explain Health and Social Care Connect in more detail and why we’ve created it, we’ve developed a short animation below for more information:

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