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Item No.14 - Criminal Justice Funding 2017 - 2018

February 2017 | Glasgow City Integration Joint Board | Papers and Reports | Criminal Justice, Finance | 15 February 2017

To update the Integration Joint Board on the reduced level of funding for Criminal Justice Services, the impact of the reduction and the approach being taken to ensure budget fidelity.

Item No.18 - Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) Annual Report

December 2016 | Glasgow City Integration Joint Board | Annual Report | Public Protection, Criminal Justice | 09 December 2016

To update the Integration Joint Board on the progress and performance of the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements in Glasgow.

Item No.10 - Performance Report

April 2017 | Integration Joint Board – Finance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee | Papers and Reports | Performance, Homelessness, Criminal Justice

To present the Criminal Justice and Homelessness sections of the Joint Performance Report for the Health and Social Care Partnership for Quarter 3 2016/17

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