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Flourishing Communities,
Healthier Lives

Locality Engagement Forums

A Locality Engagement Forum (LEF) is active within each of the Partnership’s localities (North East, North West and South).

On this webpage you will find more information on:

  • the role of the Locality Engagement Forums
  • who to contact for more information and
  • any meeting or event dates with relevant papers


The role of Locality Engagement Forums includes:

  • helping to ensure health and social care services in Glasgow reflect the priorities and needs of local communities
  • linking to the governance, decision making and planning structures of the Partnership
  • receiving and disseminating information about local and citywide services
  • gathering the feedback, opinions and views of patients, service users and carers
  • networking and sharing good practice
  • generating ideas and identifying projects to support the health and social care needs of the locality
  • contributing to raising public awareness of the role and work of the Integration Joint Board and the Partnership
  • being consulted on Locality Plans and providing feedback on their delivery and
  • increasing and broadening representation on related groups and structures within the community, particularly from more vulnerable or historically less well-represented groups

The membership of Locality Engagement Forums includes service users, patients and carers, and they link with local established forums, groups and networks.

So that each Locality Engagement Forum has a diverse membership, efforts are made to ensure that people with protected characteristics (for example, gender, ethnicity or disability) are able to participate effectively and provided with the appropriate support.


If you would like more information on the Partnership’s Locality Engagement Forums, then please get in touch with one of the contacts below for your locality within Glasgow City.

North East Locality



Tony Devine

Community Engagement and Development Officer

0141 553 2861

North West Locality



May Simpson

Community Engagement and Development Officer

0141 314 6250

South Locality



Callum Lynch

Locality Engagement Officer



Meetings and Events

Below you will find links to each Locality Engagement page and you can find meetings and events with any associated papers for each of the Forums within the three localities.  If you require further information, then please get in touch with the Locality Engagement Forum contacts on this webpage.




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