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Review of Direct Payments – Prepaid Card Scheme


Glasgow City Council has recently undertaken a review of the way we currently administer our direct payments, and will be introducing new Prepaid Cards for those who receive a Direct Payment.

What is a Direct Payment?

A direct payment is one of the Self Directed Support Options that a service user can choose to access your Individual Budget.  This is the amount that has been assessed as being required to pay for their care and support needs.

A service user's Individual Budget, or part of it, can be paid directly to them as Option 1 (a Direct Payment) to enable them to purchase the care and support as agreed with their Care Manager in their Support Plan.

A direct payment means that the individual budget will be given to the service user to arrange and pay for their care and support, instead of the council arranging the service.

The current method of payments going into a service user's allocated bank account will simply be replaced by payments going to a new online account, which will be opened by us, specifically for the management of the direct payment.  The new online account will include the provision of a Prepaid Card. 

How will a Prepaid Card work?

The Prepaid Card can be used in the same way as any other bank debit card to purchase the services required, and as agreed in your Support Plan.

Please note this change only affects how you will receive and manage your direct payment, it is not a change to your service or care package.

There are many benefits to the Prepaid Card Scheme, such as:-

  • No need for a separate bank account
  • No need for service users to complete & submit quarterly paper monitoring returns
  • Payments are secure and easy to make
  • Service users can check account balances online, by text message or via the telephone. Paper statements are also still available
  • Service users can nominate someone else to have a second card to help manage their direct payment 

We propose to introduce the Prepaid Card Scheme in the coming months.

Service users who receive a direct payment are not required to do anything in the meantime, however, if they have any queries or concerns regarding the new scheme, or how to access it, please contact our support organisation, the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living at:-

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) 
117-127 Brook
Street, Glasgow
G40 3AP

Phone:  0141 550 4455

Textphone: 0141 554 6482

Fax: 0141 550 4858



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