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Bereavement Information and Support Webpage Launched in Glasgow


A webpage dedicated to information on bereavement support services was launched in May 2021 by the Bereavement Subgroup of the Glasgow City Suicide Prevention Partnership, as a response to the importance of grief and bereavement support during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of timely bereavement support and practical information for all who need it. With this in mind, the aim was to create a resource that could be used by anyone in Glasgow that was friendly, empathetic and accessible.

The subgroup, along with a range of partners, have created a resource that provides helpful information on services around the subject of death, grief and bereavement. Information on the webpage was gathered from many different resources and links users directly to reputable organisations where they can find further detailed information on a wide range of topics related to bereavement. 

Fiona Sinclair, Health Improvement Practitioner from the North East Glasgow Health Improvement Team in Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), took the lead in pulling together the information for the website. Fiona said: “It was clear while researching for the site that there’s a wealth of information online, but it took weeks of searching to find it all. How easy would this be for someone who has just been bereaved, or struggling with complex grief to do the same?” 

As part of the development process, feedback was sought from HSCP staff, community representatives, partner organisations and Police Scotland, and much of the feedback was discussed and incorporated into the webpage. As more information is received, the plan is to continue to develop the webpage.  

Janie Thomson Goldie, Chief Inspector for Partnerships at Police Scotland’s Greater Glasgow Division said: “The Police are often the first service that people have contact with when someone dies, and this webpage means that we can now direct people to a platform that covers a wide range of situations. We understand the effect that grief can have on people’s lives and their mental health. Being able to get them support at the earliest opportunity will help them through the grieving period.”

The webpage is intended to be a place that anyone can visit for information that they need in the early days following a death, supporting them with their grief and advising on some of the things that need done immediately. There’s also information for people who may realise later that they need additional support.

The Glasgow City Suicide Prevention Partnership is now exploring options for a hard copy resource to be produced, which could be given to grieving families and individuals by the variety of services that they may come into contact with, linking them to the webpage and the wealth of information and support options it contains.

The bereavement webpage can be found at 

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