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Consultation on the draft Glasgow City HSCP Strategic Plan


Health and social care integration is about ensuring that people who use health and social care services get the right care and support whatever their needs, at the right time and in the most appropriate place.

The way that health and social care services are delivered to achieve this by Glasgow City Integration Joint Board (IJB), through Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), is described in its Strategic Plan. The Plan is the key way that the IJB and HSCP define how they aims to achieve the outcomes our citizens desire. 

As part of the review of the current Plan, we engaged with a range of individuals, groups and organisations to get an understanding of what the next Strategic Plan should look like. Information was received back through surveys, meetings, focus groups and events, many of which were arranged and completed by our partners throughout the city. The information received was used to prepare the new draft Plan.

The next step is to share the draft Plan and ask for feedback to enable us to refine the draft, taking into account the views of people, groups and organisations across the city. We’re again working with partners to plan the best way to encourage people to get involved in the consultation exercise and will seek to make getting involved as accessible as possible for those who wish to do so. The easiest way to provide feedback is to complete our online consultation survey. The survey enables you to tell us what you think of the draft Plan, what we’ve missed and what you like about it. You can answer as many questions as you like and we want as many people as possible to leave us their views.

If the HSCP’s next Plan is going to properly reflect the views and priorities of people within the city it is very important people take the chance to give us their feedback. We understand that an online survey is not everyone’s preferred way to do this so if you would like to get involved but would prefer not to do so through an online survey, please let us know by contacting us on our dedicated webpage on our HSCP’s website or by email at

If you’re already working with or on behalf of people who receive health and social care services please let them know about the draft Plan and encourage them to be part of the conversation. We can provide materials to help you capture the views of the people you work with or for. 

If you’re a member of staff involved in planning or delivering health and social services we would like to hear from you also so please access the survey and tell us what you think. 
The consultation survey will be available until the end of September and other consultation activity will be taking place during the summer. After the consultation period ends the comments that we receive will be used to update the draft Strategic Plan and prepare a final version for the IJB in March 2023. 

For more information on what we’re doing and how to get involved, or to provide any comments on the Strategic Plan visit our dedicated webpage on our HSCP’s website or by email at

This is your opportunity. Be part of the conversation!

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