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Glasgow offers everyone aged 16-24 free mental health support


High demand and mental health stigma are making it increasingly challenging to access Mental Health support, especially for young people. 

To address this, Glasgow City Council Education Services commissioned the innovative Togetherall service that’s freely available to anyone aged 16-24 with a Glasgow postcode. 

Togetherall is an evidence-based, clinically moderated, 24/7 online peer-to-peer mental health community.

Members join the community anonymously and are immediately supported on a wide range of mental health and wellbeing issues, from anxiety, depression and isolation, to relationship issues and lifestyle challenges.

In addition to 24/7 support, members of Togetherall all have the safety and accessibility of Wall Guides who are all trained mental health professionals and are there to make sure everyone remains safe and supported. On the platform there’s also the opportunity to access a wealth of resources and self-help courses covering all mental health and lifestyle topics from ‘Coping with Grief and Loss’, to ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Health Anxiety’ and ‘How to Stop Procrastinating’. 
Togetherall supports immediate and longer-term mental health or situational distress, enabling members to feel more in control of their emotional health. This approach to granting access to readily available mental health support aligns with our Health and Social Care Partnership’s (HSCP) priority of early intervention and prevention, which aims to improve the mental and general wellbeing of our citizens, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to manage their own journey to improving their health.
Recently, all Glasgow GPs have been handed out information on Togetherall and how to promote this as a first port of call for poor mental health. They’ve also been invited to attend a virtual session highlighting the benefits of the free mental health support platform. 

Karen Dyball, our HSCP’s Head of Children’s Services (North East), said: “Togetherall offers young people between 16-24 in Glasgow the unique opportunity to access free and instant mental health support. It’s important to find out more about this service and talk about it with people you think may benefit from it”. 

Signing up to Togetherall is incredibly easy. Access the service by visiting the Togetherall website, and when asked ‘Which describes you?’, select ‘My area is registered’. Fill in your postcode, anonymous details and instantly access free mental health support.

Visit Togetherall for more information at


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