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New Easy Read Booklet Explains How Technology Can Help People Live More Independently

Published: | Disability

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) offers Technology Enabled Care and Support (TECS) as a care and support option, for people to live their lives as independently as possible, in their own home. 

A new Easy Read Booklet explains TECS and how the Social Work team will discuss and agree if, and how, the technical equipment could support you in your home. This Easy Read Booklet will improve access to information on services for individuals and their families and will answer frequently asked questions and worries.

The Easy Read Booklet is for everyone - people with a disability or long-term condition, families, carers and guardians, care provider organisation staff and our own HSCP staff. 

Copies of the booklet are available to view and download or you can request a printed copy from It is also available in an audio format and in other languages on request.

Steven Love, Senior Officer, Glasgow City HSCP says: “Technology doesn’t mean the removal of the care provider. It offers a more flexible, less intrusive care solution. Technology isn’t a replacement for good care and support but it can be a useful part of a package of support within the person’s care plan, giving choice and control to people.

“Technology can help manage or minimise risk in order to support vulnerable people to live in their own home and community, whilst reassuring family carers. We recognise that technology and using remote support isn’t for everyone, but it can help maximise people’s independence and help them to have more control over their own lives.”

Our partner, SOL Connect, have been the TECS provider for the HSCP throughout the Connecting Neighbourhoods project. This was a pilot project in Glasgow working with service users, families and our care provider organisations, to test the implementation, safety, reliability and usage of remote TECS. They use their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the assessment process and with the application of technology within the service user’s home. This allows people to maintain their safety and independence while supporting them to achieve positive outcomes. This has been a key component of the TECS work undertaken in the city. 

Access to the SOL Connect service is through referral from a social worker seeking support for their service user through a self-directed support budget across the following care groups: older people, mental health, physical and learning disabilities and young people in transition. People with a Direct Payment can refer themselves to SOL Connect for a TECS assessment and support. 

The service currently provides full coverage across our HSCP’s North East locality but also has a reach into the South and North West localities, so SOL Connect will accept referrals from these areas as well.  

A service user who recently successfully transferred from having long-standing sleepover support provision to a TECS-based responder service after being assessed and transitioned through the Connecting Neighbourhoods TECS Project, has been delighted with his new service. He said: “Thank you for believing in me!”

Contact details for SOL Connect enquiries or referrals: 
or Phone: 01698 314026 and ask to speak to a member of the SOL Connect Management Team.

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