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Photovoice Exhibition Examines Impact of Alcohol Free Events

Published: | Addictions

An innovative Photovoice exhibition from North West Recovery Communities (NWRC) took place in the Buchanan Galleries during the last week of January.  The event was held in the “Good” a store managed by the Kibble children’s charity.  

The exhibition was the culmination of a five month Photovoice project where NWRC, in partnership with Alcohol Focus Scotland, Glasgow City Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP) and Edinburgh University, examined the community impact of Alcohol Free Functions in Town (AFFIT).

NWRC are a community led partnership of people and services who are passionate about promoting recovery from alcohol and drugs.  They deliver a range of opportunities for people to be exposed to the fact that “Recovery is Possible” through a range of different activities, discussions, groups, drop in sessions and social events in a range of community venues across the north west of the city.  These events are organised, led and delivered by local people in recovery, their families, supporters and a range of staff from local services who work in partnership with the recovery communities’ networks. 

AFFIT is a “brand”, developed by NWRC and Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership's North West Locality, promoting and delivering a diverse calendar of alcohol free occasions and events at venues across the North West of Glasgow.  AFFIT events are open and accessible to all the people of Glasgow, and are aimed at supporting those who want to improve outcomes for their community in relation to alcohol use.

Photovoice is an activity that anyone can do, either on their own or with family, friends or as part of an organised group.  All that is required is a camera and some questions you want to answer by taking photographs.  With Photovoice, participants are visual researchers, taking pictures of their life in recovery and using them to generate discussion.  Photovoice was developed as a qualitative research tool that could be employed to carry out community based participatory research, with the focus being on how to demonstrate and record the social reality of its participants.  The tool is recognised as being both flexible and empowering to participants by linking together art through photography, and grass roots social action and societal observation.
All the project participants have lived experience of recovery from alcohol and drugs and used this valuable knowledge not only to document their view of the impact of alcohol on our city but also to demonstrate the positive experiences created through recovery and alcohol free socialising for the whole community.

The photographs on display in the store featured some of the most powerful images taken over the months as well as highlighting the local artists who are involved in making the AFFIT events so enjoyable.  

Anyone wanting more information on the photovoice exhibition should contact Brian or Donna at Peer through the lens ( / and you can follow AFFIT on Facebook for information on any upcoming events @AFFITEvents

You can find out more information about the overall work of North West Recovery Communities at



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