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Welcome to Our New Website


Message from David Williams, Chief Officer, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership

Hello and welcome to our new website!

After months of planning and preparation I am delighted to launch the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership’s new website.

One of our critical roles as a Partnership is to transform health and social care services to ensure that those who use our services get the right care and support whatever their needs, at the right time and in the right setting at any point in their care journey. To do this we need to engage effectively with the people who are supported by our services or have an interest in them, and we can only do this if we have effective communications.

The Partnership has a Communications Strategy, which sets out how we communicate internally and externally with the people who we work with and support. There is also a separate Participation and Engagement Strategy that sets out how individuals, groups and communities can participate in and inform service planning and development. This website is one of the ways in which we will keep you up to date on what is happening in the Partnership, and how you can get involved.

On that last point, we want the website to be one of the key vehicles for communicating with people, whether they are patients, service users, carers and their representatives; the public; Council and Health staff; the Integration Joint Board (IJB) and its Committees; Council Elected Members; Health Board Non-Executive Directors; the third and independent sectors; providers/contractors and community planning partners among others. Within the website you will be able to:

We also want to use this website to listen to your views, concerns and ideas.

I hope you like the fresh look of the website and enjoy navigating the pages to find the information you need quickly and easily, and I hope you find the website a useful resource to better understand the role of the Partnership in transforming health and social services and the lives of those who require support from them.

We value your opinion.

Please contact us to let us know what you think of our new website by clicking on the Contact Us link  on the bottom of every page. We would love to hear your initial comments and feedback. Please also let us know if you cannot find something or would like to make any suggestions for new information or topics.

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