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Healthcare Financial Management Association annual conference 2017


Information relating to the address and presentation on 'Grasping the nettle for change - the place of integration' given by David Williams, Chief Officer, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership.

David was addressing the Healthcare Financial Management Association annual conference who were meeting in Clydebank on Friday 27 October 2017.

Carers Eligibility Criteria


The Consultation Period for the Carers Eligibility Criteria is now finished. Following the consultation, a report was prepared and submitted, along with the proposed Eligibility Criteria, to the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board on 24 January 2018.  The report and Eligibility Criteria were approved at this meeting.

Previous Consultation text:

IJB Performance Scrutiny Committee Papers


The Integration Joint Board (IJB) Performance Scrutiny Committee was established as per Item 18 of the IJB Meeting held on 20 September 2017.

IJB Performance Scrutiny Minutes


Draft Minutes

21 November 2018


Approved Minutes


About Us

Find out more information about the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership and Glasgow City Integration Joint Board.

Adverse Weather 2018

Changes to availability of social work services and local social work offices due to adverse weather.

Locality Engagement Forums


A Locality Engagement Forum (LEF) is active within each of the Partnership’s localities (North East, North West and South).

On this webpage you will find more information on:

the role of the Locality Engagement Forums who to contact for more information and any meeting or event dates with relevant papers Role

The Terms of Reference for the Locality Engagement Forums are:

Leaflet: Health and Social Care Integration in Glasgow


The way in which health and social care services are planned and delivered across Scotland has changed - and is referred to as 'Health and Social Care Integration.'

To help people understand what Health and Social Care Integration means, we have developed an information leaflet for service users / patients and the public. The short information leaflet advises on:

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