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Communications Strategy

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership’s (HSCP) updated Communications Strategy and its summary are available. It was approved by the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board (IJB) on 23 September 2020

This is the HSCP’s second Communications Strategy, the first one was approved by the IJB on 18 January 2017.


Glasgow City HSCP uses its communications to help people, communities and organisations be aware of, understand and engaged in its work and services. This includes people who are supported by, work with or have an interest in the HSCP.

To ensure the HSCP has a good quality and consistent framework for its communications with large audiences, and that it makes improvements where needed, work was undertaken in 2019-20 to review and update the HSCP’s first Communications Strategy. This included survey and engagement activity with a range of people, groups and organisations to get their views and ideas, and an updated strategy with an improvement action plan was developed based on feedback.  The IJB approved the HSCP’s second Communications Strategy in September 2020.

The HSCP’s updated Communications Strategy:

  • sets out the HSCP’s framework for communications – vision, objectives, approach, standards and governance
  • defines the key audiences who it communicates with – both internal and external
  • defines its communications channels and
  • includes an action plan that will be progressed to make improvements

The HSCP’s Communications Strategy focuses on communications with large audiences, both internal and external to the HSCP. It also places importance on engagement in communications activity, and it outlines how staff are internally engaged.  There is a separate Participation and Engagement Strategy that sets out the principles and approach that the HSCP is taking to engage with individuals, communities and organisations in addition to staff. A significant amount of communication and engagement activity also takes place in the HSCP’s localities (North East, North West and South) and at individual and group levels, often face-to-face, at engagement sessions or in writing.

More information on the development of the HSCP’s updated Communications Strategy is available in its report to the IJB on 23 September 2020. A briefing is also available. 

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