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Performance and Demographics


On this webpage you will find links to Quarterly Performance Reports and Annual Performance Reports of the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board and Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership.


A Demographics Profile for Glasgow City (2021) has been developed to support service planning and delivery.  It contains the latest available information as at the start of April 2021 and includes general population estimates by age, gender and ethnicity at HSCP locality, city and national level, as well as population projections by age-band at city and national level.  It also includes a profile of health in the city with information on life expectancy and mortality, patterns of illness and disease, as well as information on factors that can impact upon health and wellbeing, including lifestyle and behaviours, social capital, poverty and deprivation, education, employment and crime.

The Demographics Profile is also accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet, which contains all tables, sources and links for ease of downloading data or tables directly.

This Demographics Profile was first produced in 2020 and you can read this earlier version of the Demographics Profile.

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