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IJB Finance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee

A full list of the current membership of the  IJB Finance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee, schedule of meetings and Terms of Reference are available.

The IJB Finance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee is a committee of the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board. The Committee is responsible for monitoring the financial performance of the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, reviewing audit and inspection reports and for promoting the observance of high standards of financial propriety.

Its remit includes:

  • monitoring internal financial control, ensuring that appropriate financial controls are in place
  • ensuring that performance is monitored against budget and that the budget plan is clearly linked to the Glasgow City Integration Joint Board’s Strategic Plan
  • endorsement of capital schemes promoted by the parent bodies
  • approval of the annual audit plan
  • initiating and undertaking specific audits and/or reviews of any matters falling within the remit of the Committee or requested by the Integration Joint Board
  • receiving and considering summaries of internal and external audit reports which relate to any issue falling within the remit of the Integration Joint Board
  • promoting value for money studies and best value
  • taking an overview of the Integration Joint Board’s Service Reform programme
  • review of Risk Registers
  • referring back to the Integration Joint Board for its consideration any service/financial performance issue which may have implications for policy development coming within the remit of the Integration Joint Board
  • approval of the Annual Accounts and Annual Governance Statement prior to presentation to the Integration Joint Board
  • to consider the external auditor’s annual letter and associated reports and to report on these to the Integration Joint Board and
  • to advise on the effectiveness of relationships between external and internal audit and other inspection agencies

Key Publications

Key publications of the IJB Finance, Audit and Scrutiny Committee include:


Meeting papers (current and previous ones) are available. All minutes (draft and approved) are also available.

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